Urinary Incontinence in Dogs and Cats

It has been my experience that incontinence in a female or male animal can be due to he following causes:
(1) Lack of female/male hormone (estrogen/testosterone) from spayed or neutered status.

(2) Low grade urinary tract infection

(3) Misalignment of the lower lumbar spinal vertebrae putting pressure on some of the nerves innervating the sphincter of the urinary bladder.

(4) Imbalanced Chi (or Life Force) energy flow meridians to the bladder.

What to do?

#1 can be diagnosed by a vaginal swab by any veterinarian and checked under the microscope or cultured. Rather than using health- damaging antibiotics, consider treatment with my custom homeopathy, Cystitis 30C and Total Organ Female/Male 60C.

#2 can only be diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian skilled in chiropractic principles or have your vet write a referral request letter to a local chiropractor (for people) to examine your dog. The referral letter will protect the chiropractor from his licensing board (and probably make him more amenable to working on animals). My Custom Homeopathy Urinary Bladder Paralysis 100C helps to treat the nerve injury to the bladder.

#3. You need the services of a holistic vet skilled in acupuncture. I have a link to the AHVMA in my "other links" section of this web site. Whether you find one or not, my Healing Halter™ is very healing in itself and has produced real miracles of recovery as an adjunct to other therapies-please see our Healing Halter™.

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