First Aid Kit Testimonials

"Dear Dr. Dodd; I met you at the Richmond Cat Show, where you gave me a sample of Arsenicum Album for a cat with chronic diarrhea - 2 pills in her water with no other treatment worked miracles!"

Kathleen Abbott, Sacramento, CA

"Dr. Dodd treated our cat with all natural Homeopathic substances for complications following being run over by a car. Other vets tried everything . . . he kept getting sicker . . . today he is completely restored to health and is a happy, shining animal thanks to Dr. Dodds expertise with natural substances."
Jeri Singer, Seattle, Washington


"I would like to thank you (Dr. Dodd) for the wonderful service that you provided at the Vallejo show when our bitch was stung by a bee. I feel that your product is outstanding and would be a necessary item for any kennel to have . . . I have been in the medical field for 20 years and have never seen anything like it. I have used my kit over and over again with astounding results."

Ben Carter, Arborcrest Hounds, Novato,California intern at Children's Hospital, Oncology Dept. San Francisco

"I am a .breeder of Affenpinshers and do my own ear crops. I use the Bach Flower Remedy, #3 Arnica for relief of pain, #13 for bleeding, #16 Hypericum as an anti-bacterial. We now have calmer puppies who bleed less, have had no infections and they return to their food dishes right away. Ears after first day we use Calendula Cerate ointment until healed. No problems, Thank you, Dr. Dodd for your wonderful kit."

J. Bitters, Bittertoy Kennel, Tracy, California

"I know the First Aid Kit is usually used before you get to a vet but I went to two vets first for my sick Affenpinsher bitch after whelping 4 puppies. They used 2 different kinds of antibiotics for 4 days. Her temp had risen and held at 106 degrees F. I packed her in ice and used your #13 Ferrum Phos. in your kit, In the first hour her temp broke to 105 degrees and one degree every hour after until normal. Mom and babies are fine and healthy 3 weeks later. Thank you again."

"I enjoyed your book! It is very well done. I was particularly pleased with the illustrations. The kit is excellent! I am sorry I didn't order the complete kit for the goat barn but will add remedies to the kit that I need.

Evelyn Purser, author "ABC's of Homeopathy" El Dorado, California

"All medications in these kits are FDA approved for people and animals so the whole family can use them!"

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