Chapter 15. “Wolfie” And The IRS Agent. 
by Gloria Dodd DVM

I have to tell you this story of my beloved white, miniature male poodle, “Wolfie” (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart—“Wolfie” loved Mozart’s music). My husband and I were being hounded by the IRS for over 4 years for an error our CPA had made on a tax return. I won’t go into all the lurid details, except to suffice it to say, we had had it after 4 years trying to settle a small penalty of $100.00- that thro the years had increased to over $30,000.00 compounded daily interest we owed.
We had one last meeting with the top Federal IRS officer and his IRS tax attorney after we filed papers to sue the IRS. We took our own tax attorney and boxes of records and of course “Wolfie” to the meeting in Sacramento, Calif. I never go anywhere without him—even to the doctor’s office. If they won’t allow me to take him, I don’t go, I just find another doctor who will. It was near impossible to find the address of the IRS office in Sacramento, lucky for us I had a letter communication from the agency with a letterhead of the location; there were no identification listings found anywhere, not outside on the sign, nor on the 3 story building. I guess they are trying to protect themselves from irate citizens.

I knew the agency was on the 3rd floor, and after knocking on several unmarked doors, I found the right one. A secretary of the IRS agency ushered us into a conference room where the Federal officer and his attorney were seated at a long wooden table. The officer stood up to his 6 foot height and 200 lb. frame and waved us to chairs at the opposite side of the table Everyone got out their files and folders. We proceeded to tell the officer and his attorney that our CPA had made a dreadful arithmetic mistake in his calculation of our income. Of course ignorance is no excuse to the Agency and we should have checked our CPA’s work. After a half hour of escalating anger on everyone’s part, this hard nosed officer refused to reduce our tax debt.

It was then that “Wolfie” who had been laying down at my chair, got up, walked under the table jumped into the officer’s lap and gave him one big wet kiss! Everyone’s mouths dropped open. Incredulous! Now let me tell you, no one gets “Wolfie” kisses except me, his Mommy, not even my husband. Suddenly this pompous officer deflated before our eyes and said, “My, what a lovely dog!” He asked his name and turned to his tax attorney and said, “Let’s see what we can do to help “Wolfie”. “Wolfie” sat on the officer’s lap for the next hour as the officer proceeded to cross out all but $100.00 penalty of our tax debt.

Now The rest of the Story: One month or so later, the officer called me on the telephone. His voice was trembling with emotion as he told me he had lost his own beloved poodle a few days before our meeting. He asked me where I had gotten  “Wolfie”; he wanted a dog just like him. At the meeting “Wolfie” KNEW this man was in emotional pain and lovingly tried to comfort him. I know this is true. There comes in everyone’s life one animal that stands out over all others in your life. “Wolfie” was that animal for me. He comforted me when I was blue and celebrated with me when I was happy. Later I learned the IRS officer quit his job and went into his own business as a tax attorney consultant.

Isn’t this a beautiful story of compassion?
Every animal is God’s own precious gift to Mankind to teach us humans Unconditional Love.

My Beloved “Wolfie


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